Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Alex lambert idol castoff moves to dream house with a price

Seems Alex Lambert fans have been HAD! We wanted more of him, yes we did! We finally got it with him entering the dream house and 24/7 ALEX, YIPPEEE....but it comes with a price!

No one mentioned that to view personal areas will require a subscription fee. Public access is free. No one ever uttered the words, SUBSCRIPTION FEE! From the articles I have read there is not yet a fee, but you can bet that Simon Fuller has his eye on the money bags as each of us enter into his world of "IF I CAN DREAM" as we watch Alex. Do I think it is a great experience for him, well...maybe. I will say its better than nothing. Regardless of what the "protesters" have been posting on the net about how he will gain exposure, learn, write and be mentored by greats, geez that sounds like a perfect world...can we all sign up. But beleive me "nothing is free" and reality is reality!

Now just how much is this going to cost? Did those who had ties with the petition and other outlets urging us to get him on the show know this? If so are they receiving some sort of "enhancement" or fringe benefit?

Just when you thought you could lounge on the couch and watch Alex's every move....BLAM....not!

I don't like this one bit! Im mad as hell right now and I smell a rat!

Alex Lambert Fans SIMON GOT YOU!! ‘If I Can Dream’

Alex Lambert Fans Simon Got you hook, line and sinker! What Simon Fuller and "If I can dream" is not telling you!

For GENERAL PUBLIC CONTENT its free, but their will be a subscription fee for more personal areas!

"Once the show goes live, you’ll be able to follow any cast member you wish. It’s a revolutionary idea and no doubt a technological feat at the very least. Is this the future of television? I’m willing to guess YES (so get used to it). From what I understand, watching the show’s “general public content” is free on Hulu but you can also pay a monthly subscription fee to watch them drool in their sleep, among other mundane live things. If you saw the cast, I think you’ll agree Simon Fuller will have no trouble ripping that money out of the hands of millions of Americans"

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Gotta Love Alex Lambert and his mullet! Bring him back

If there was ever a time to add a new twist to American Idol which seems to have ran its course, now would be the perfect time. When Alex Lambert got voted off, I was very upset and disappointed in the results. Alex is one of the rare finds that American Idol is all about with raw and unique talent. He’s someone who drew in the viewers with his humble and geninue charm. His giggle, his nerves, and his smile just sent out good vibes to everyone who “rooted” for him. If they were not a Alex Lambert fan in the beginning…they soon became one. He was the underdog, the one without the silver spoon, the all american boy who loved sports and only did American Idol to make his Mother extremely happy and to keep his phone. As we tuned in for the short weeks we fell head over hills for Alex Lambert! With all the questions floating out there it makes you wonder why was he eliminated, was it really low call volume? If American Idol wants to put a twist on this season and give an honest kid his big break…..the raw talent American Idol use to stand for, now is the time to add the twist and bring back Alex Lambert!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bucky Covington "I'm Alright" album cover

All I can say is WOW! Found this on the internet! With this article it is a fantastic writen article about Bucky!

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